Restoration & Enhancement

  • Do you have a favorite photo that some how got ruined?
  • Do you have that one shot that you say "This would have been a great photo.....if only?"
  • Do you have two photos that you want to turn into one?
  • Would you like to have some fun and put someone's head on someone else's body and make it seem seamless?
  • Would you like to turn that favorite photo you took of someone into a portrait... make blemishes and wrinkles disappear!
  • Let Christy V's work her magic with your photos. Restoration & Enhancement can be very challenging and yet very rewarding. I'd love to work with your very own photos to create that special photo you are looking for.

    I will have you send your photo via e-mail or postal mail (original will be returned). I will quote you a price. Most photos will cost between $10 - $35 for restoration or enhancement labor. You then may order copies of your photos from my site.

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